About VASY

VASY has grown from the broad and vibrant arts community that exists in Yass and the surrounding region.

VASY’s aim is to build on the Yass district’s passion for the visual arts by creating opportunities for all ages and levels of experience in painting, drawing and other visual art processes.

VASY focuses on a range of activities that include:

  • the development of a network that encourages individuals in their visual art practice, development, and appreciation of visual art;
  • regular workshops;
  • demonstrations of visual art techniques and/or informative discussions on visual art related subjects; and
  • establishing partnerships with artists as well as other arts and cultural organisations including government agencies across the region and beyond.

VASY is a member driven incorporated not for profit organisation. Day to day activities are coordinated by a voluntary committee currently comprising local artists and enthusiasts.

VASY is also a member of the well respected Southern Tablelands Arts (STARTS) organisation.

The relationship between VASY and YASSarts

We sometimes get asked what the difference is between VASY and YASSarts. The short answer is that we do different things. VASY, like other volunteer community arts organisations in the region, organises and conducts events related to their area of interest. In VASY’s case those activities are related to visual art while other organisations may relate to writing/poetry and the performing arts such as music, dance and drama. The role YASSarts plays is to help promote the various art groups and individual artists across all the arts disciplines in the Yass Valley Shire and they do this principally through the YASSarts website and Facebook page.

How can I find out more about VASY and get involved?

  • A good starting point is to browse through the website; and
  • Register your interest in VASY activities and membership by sending an email to Judy McColl or Marie Wearing via VASY’s Contact page.



VASY Committee

Marie Wearing (Acting Chair)

Judy McColl (Vice Chair, Secretary)

Neil McColl (Treasurer)

Penny Kerr (Committee Member)