Impressionist oils with Ros Psakis

Enthusiastic painters attended each day of Ros’s workshop, with several attending both. On Saturday the group painted a still life featuring ceramic and clay vessels, and watched Ros complete a demonstration of another still life.

The Sunday group painted cows and horses, using the same materials and techniques.
Ros’s materials included a very limited palette and canvas taped to a board. Most of the group brought canvas on stretcher frames, and we were interested to see the ease of use and versatility of the canvas which can be cut to the desired size and shape, and can be cropped to a different size or proportion later if desired.

For each painting, we started with a charcoal drawing, then went over it with a dilute painted line, blocked in the big shapes, then painted the background. At each of these stages we had an opportunity to improve the drawing. Once we had completed those steps we were able to refine the painting and add the highlights.
For details about Ros’s work and videos of her process, go to her website: or her Facebook page:

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  1. Thanks once again to Ros Psakis for an inspiring and informative two days. Thanks also to the enthusiastic and friendly group of fellow painters over the two days, as well as to the VASY members who did the practical stuff to make it happen, especially the nice morning teas etc.

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