Stuart Marshall introductory watercolour workshop

Stuart Marshall

A capacity class of eight enthusiastic participants joined watercolour artist Stuart Marshall from Canberra for an Introductory Workshop on Wednesday 21 June at the CWA Hall in Bowning.

First up, to get in the mood for painting we gathered at The Mews in Bowning for coffee with a few other VASY members!

Apart from all the staples required to paint in watercolour, Stuart also chatted about putting together your own paint kit, the advantages of joining an art group or society, learning about your craft, doing “brush miles” and not to be discouraged.

A great day was had by all. Thank you, Stuart, for your patience in tutoring and fabulous notes. We hope to see you again at VASY.

This was an introductory workshop and Stuart took us through three exercises to help get us started.

Exercise One

This exercise relied on part of the painting being dry and becoming progressively wetter. We ‘mucked around’ with different strengths of paint as the page dried off. Different amounts of water on the page and in the paint produced different results!


Exercise two

We created two colour wheels using paint of creamy milk consistency.


Exercise three

A selection of “first go’s” at painting a picture in watercolour

Exercise three pulled together what we had learned in the other exercises by painting a simple landscape. We drew from a landscape photograph and Stuart had a light box there for anyone wanting to trace a drawing. This was a challenge as we were all beginners. The tree canopy and learning how to remove unwanted paint put us to the test!

Stuart also demonstrated how to mix different shades of black. Mixing strong blue, strong red and strong yellow to create black – was not easy. Easier was the task of mixing strong blue with burnt sienna.


Stuart also showed us a number of his lovely miniature watercolours.

One of Stuart’s miniature watercolours, this one of Comur St in Yass
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