Day trip to Tumut’s Annual Art Exhibition

Last Wednesday (12th April) VASY members car pooled and enjoyed a great day out at the Tumut Art Society’s 60th Annual Art Exhibition.

Our first stop was the Long Track Pantry at Jugiong and while there discovered some fabulous new mixed media work by local artist Stephanie Corkhill-Hyles. Of course, our morning coffee and chatting was enjoyable as well.

Travelling onto Tumut we met up with the President of the Tumut Art Society, Glenyce Francis, and a band of member volunteers. They have worked extremely hard over many months to pull such a professional exhibition together.  

Art notables  and winners included Steve Underwood, Ann Rayment, Kasey Sealy, John Sharman, Don Talintyre, Janis Lawler, Bob Gurney and Julie Simmons to name a few.

Apart from traditional art works on display we also admired Fibre Art and a Small Painting section. Bev Dennis’ painting using pointilist technique won the Local Artist Encouragement Award. 

We were all very envious of the Art Society’s multi use building. How fabulous to own your own space to use for classes, exhibitions and meetings! Glenyce explained that the building has grown in stages since the early Snowy Mountains Scheme era. Resident art tutor Jennifer Forster also took time to chat to us about the Society’s art program and week to week ‘doings’. We all went away enthusiastic to return again next year.

To catch the exhibition and highlights go to . The exhibition continues until 1pm on Sunday 23rd April and is really worth a visit.

Post written by Jude McColl

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