Mark Redzic’s oil painting workshop

Mark Redzic’s oil painting workshop
Mark Redzic oil painting workshop

Our first workshop, with Mark Redzic, was a great success – all of us enjoyed the day and felt we had made progress with our oil painting.

Mark’s first demo and our exercise taught us to combine two photographs to create a unique painting. We started by blocking in shapes and establishing correct tonal values and colour for aerial perspective, so that we had a very rough but convincing painting – especially when viewed from a distance!

Blocking in large shapes
Blocking in large shapes

We learned how to ensure we have a centre of interest for the painting and how to mix colours, as well as many practical tips about materials and methods.

Delicious cake, biscuits and tea and coffee helped us maintain our stamina.


Workshop members painting
Sometimes results were surprising

Mark demonstrating technique

Mark explaining his methods while workshop members look on
We all learned a lot
Two paintings and Mark's equipment
Mark’s two completed demo paintings

After we finished our paintings, Mark gave us a quick demo of his methods with another painting. redzicoct2016_08

To see more of Mark’s work please visit his website at
Watch out for Mark’s exhibition in January at Bungendore Fine Art.


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